“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie,
deliberate, contrived and dishonest; but the myth,
persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.”
– John F. Kennedy
Experts Respond

Sherry Fiester’s work is receiving recognition from experts and writers in the United States – and across the globe.

Barry Ernest, Author“The Girl on the Stairs”

It is an unfortunate fact that persuasive myths abound when one studies the JFK assassination. The subject seems saturated with disinformation and literary garbage. My kudos go to Sherry, who takes the right approach here. She skillfully attacks and puts to rest some of the more blatant myths not with biased counter opinion, but with forensic truths. I’m a strong proponent of this method to solving the puzzle and so I greatly admire this book. It is a must read for those seeking facts instead of fallacy.

Barry Krusch, Author“The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald” and “The 21st Century Constitution”

One of the primary keys to understanding the JFK assassination case is understanding how the rules of the game were violated in practically every area; ludicrously substandard Secret Service protection, ludicrously substandard autopsy procedures, and a ludicrously substandard Dallas Police Department investigation. Sherry fills an important hole in JFK research, showing how the Dallas Police Department violated protocols that were in place as early as the 1950s. The reader can take this information and start to put the pieces of the puzzle together: could there really have been so many unintentional failures in so many different areas within a 24-hour period?

Cyril Wecht, MD, JD, Author“From Crime to Courtroom,” “Mortal Evidence,” “A Question of Murder,” and “Cause of Death”

The passing of a half century has not dulled the intensity of interest and consternation regarding the death of President Kennedy.  Indeed, as more information is tediously extracted from official government files and new technology is utilized in analyzing the scientific aspects of this matter, the percentage of Americans who reject the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a sole assassin continues to grow.  Ms. Fiester’s fascinating, extensively researched book presents a powerful and cogent basis for repudiation of the WCR.  A true literary dissection performed with a sharp analytical scalpel.

Ian Griggs (UK), Author “No Case to Answer”

I have met many so-called “experts” during four decades spent researching the Dallas case, but Sherry Fiester has proven herself to be a genuine expert in the true and legal meaning of the word. “Enemy of the Truth” is a major contribution to the research community; proving Sherry is certainly doing her part in revealing the truth of what happened in Dealey Plaza.

Jim Marrs, Author Crossfire, Our Occulted History, Rule by Secrecy and The Terror Conspiracy

Sherry Fiester separates scientific fact from informed speculation and uninformed theories. Follow Fiester’s lead as she takes the reader down the tortuous path of winding complexities of forensic science in relation to the Kennedy assassination as she explodes one myth after another.

Lamar Waldron, Author“Watergate: The Hidden History” , “Ultimate Sacrifice” and “ Legacy of Secrecy”

Sherry Fiester’s excellent new book is sensible, well informed, and methodical—things that are often all too rare in books about the assassination of President Kennedy. Drawing on her extensive forensic and law enforcement background, her careful analysis uses the most recent studies and evidence to debunk important myths that still surround JFK’s shooting. Even when covering technical or complex issues, her book is easy to follow while still conveying important information. I highly recommend it.

Larry Hancock, Author –“Someone Would Have Talked,” “NEXUS,” and The Awful Grace of God”

Forensics science has advanced significantly in the decades following the 1964 inquiry into the death of President Kennedy. Contemporary scientific methods have invalidated or brought into strong question the techniques used in the assassination investigation. Yet, up to now no experienced, law enforcement criminalist has stepped up to the challenge of re-examining the President’s murder with current day knowledge – until now. In Enemy of the Truth, Sherry Fiester does just that; and anyone with even a passing interest in JFK’s murder needs to examine her analysis and conclusions.

Phil Dragoo, Historical researcher

I find Fiester's work to be quietly significant in the manner of an iceberg or tectonic shift with forensic analysis that provides all-important clarity. Her placement of the source for the head shot is stunning. So many grains at so many feet per second, at a certain angle to the horizontal with a given azimuth, entering the right temple, exiting the right occipital parietal, taking with it hope for peace.

Stuart Wexler, Author“The Awful Grace of God”

Sherry Fiester’s treatment of the ballistics evidence is even-handed, accessible and insightful. She clears away the misconceptions about what the evidence shows and doesn’t show, opening up the reader to her informed and original approach to what happened in Dealey Plaza.

Vincent Palamara, AuthorSURVIVOR'S GUILT: The Secret Service and The Failure To Protect The President and JFK: The Medical Evidence Reference

Fiester has written a masterpiece on the JFK assassination that embraces the scientific method, not just the same theory-driven work we see time and again from countless authors on this case. This is not a book you will read once and then consign to the dust bin of history; far from it. "Enemy of the Truth" is a fine work that you will find yourself refering to again and again.

William LeBlanc, Certified Forensic Crime Scene Investigator

Forensics can be a complicated subject, yet Fiester provides the reader with easily understood, accurate, information. Enemy of the Truth is so comprehensive in its approach, this work should be used in the instruction of all new crime scene investigators nationwide.


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